Spotlight: Celebrating the Awesome Dads at Cypress

Posted on June 16, 2017 by Shannon Stroud

To celebrate Father’s Day this year we went around and spoke to a few dads about the ups and downs of parenthood, and we quickly learned that the dads at Cypress rock! They shared with us the silly and sweet moments of fatherhood and the lessons they have learned from their dads about being a parent. Check out some of their responses below:

Hassane_Final Hassane El-Khoury
CEO & Chief Problem Solver
Father of one

“Lea inspires me to never stop learning. She’s always asking, exploring and challenging different things…sometimes above my level of comfort. Because of her, I’ve learned to ask for help when needed and to not get flustered. To be honest, the most valuable lesson she’s taught me is the art of patience. I use it with her and in the board room.”

Ed Rebello Ed_Final
Sr. Marcom Specialist
Father of two

“My dad always told me that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do if I put my mind to it and always put forth my best effort. He and my mother led by example, by providing me and my six siblings with a foundation for success. They kept us in private schools all the way through 12th grade—even though, at one point, my dad was unable to land a steady job for five years. My parents inspired me to pay my way through college, and through that, I learned the value of working hard. Because of them, I try to remain grounded and never take things for granted.”

Erik_Final Erik Wood
Senior Strategic Marketing Principal
Father of two

“My dad was a tireless entrepreneur who inspired my work ethic. All the end goals that I work towards, I always have my children’s best interest first and foremost.”

Jim Davis Jim_Final
Product Marketing Director, MCU
Father of three

“My children inspire me with the dreams they have about what they want to do and who they want to be when they grow up. Their dreams remind me to always keep dreaming myself—that hard work, dedication, and a dream is enough to accomplish anything.”

Michi_Final Michiyuki Yoneda
Senior Product Marketing Engineer, MCU
Father of two

My children inspire me to work hard. Growing up my dad said, ‘you work harder for your family’ and now with two boys, that phrase has so much more meaning and back bone to it.”

Greg Leetch Greg_Final
Senior Manager, Applications Engineer
Father of three

“Working in technology keeps me engaged in the latest and greatest developments that shape how we connect, how we work, and how we ultimately live. It helped me as a parent to stay current on what our kids might be exposed to so I can set boundaries and ground rules before new devices or gadgets are used for the wrong purposes. Technology has also been an enabler, allowing us as parents to keep in touch anytime, anywhere, with our kids.”

Jack_Final Jack Ogawa
Senior Director of Marketing, MCU
Father of three

“I think working in tech both helps and hurts. The majority of the world actually is not involved with tech, and, the concentration of tech in the SF Bay Area is not representative of the experiences of the rest of the world. For our children, the challenge has been to expose them to non-tech experiences. On the other hand, it’s been good for them to see the pace and drive of Silicon Valley.”

Jeetendra Ashok Jeet_Final
Manager Applications Engineering
Father of two

“My dad has inspired me in three major ways. He told me to never give up on things that matter to you, that there is no substitute for hard work, and to always put yourself in the other person’s shoes when making a decision that affects both of you.”

We want to thank all the Dads who helped make this blog possible. From the Cypress family to yours, Happy Father’s Day!

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