Moms in Tech: Highlighting Some of the Amazing, Problem-Solving Parents at Cypress

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Hannah White

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, we went around Cypress' HQ and asked a handful of incredible moms for a few words about being a parent in the tech industry. Some of the questions were: What is the most challenging thing about being a working parent in the tech industry? What benefits do you think working in technology brings to parenting? If you were working before you became a parent, how did your professional life change after you had children? And when the kids aren’t around, what do you do for fun? Check out the amazing feedback we received from these problem-solving mothers:

Pamela Tondreau Pam_Circle
Chief Legal Officer
Mother of two

“The industry moves fast and is ‘always on.’ To keep up you have to keep learning and moving. Children’s needs don’t take into account or stop for any job, let alone a tech industry job. They key is to delegate, ask for help and consciously say no to things that aren’t important to you.”

Helen_Circle Helen Azcarate
Sr. Executive Associate
Mother of two

“Technology bridges the generation gap. I’m able to converse, assist, and engage with my girls because of shared knowledge on certain software and apps. Having some insight on current technology helps me speak their language. At times, they get a kick out of teaching me something new because they’re more tech-savvy than I am. We’re able to share our lives in real-time because technology helps enable it. Parenting isn’t what it was prior to the World Wide Web and cellphones. Working in a tech company has empowered women to be bread winners and present moms and that is a great thing!”

Christine Sadullo-Dela Cruz Kris_circle
Principal Product Engineer
Mother of two

“The challenges I face at work make me stronger; they make me a better mom, a better person. The many things we learn from work influence how we plan and solves problem at home.”

Rochelle_1 Rochelle B. Arreola
Principal Product Engineer
Mother of one, with one on the way

“My career actually got better when I first had my son. I was given a management position with Cypress Philippines and then an opportunity opened for my husband and me to work with Cypress San Jose, so we just grabbed it with the future of our son in mind. It also gave ourselves the chance to work at the forefront of product development in the company.

Having a child should not affect the work ethic you’ve established throughout your professional career. It’s not an excuse to work less, but a challenge to work smarter. You learn to keep pushing yourself more for your child’s future and you realize that you actually have more to offer. Being a parent motivates you to perform better so you can continue to be an asset to the company.”

Chen Teng Chen_Circle
Staff Web Marketing Analyst
Mother of one

“My child thinks it’s cool that I can still catch up with the latest technology. The tech industry also allows flexible work hours and you to work from anywhere if you meet the deadline and deliver on your project, which make it easier for parents who need to get involved in their kid's daily activities.”

Lea_Circle Lea Tumaneng
Compensation Analyst
 Mother of one

“After having my son, I learned to have a better work-life balance. I made an effort to work harder while at work, so I could get all my work done in time and be able to go home right away to my baby. Once I’m home, I make an effort to keep my work laptop shut so I can dedicate the rest of my day to having quality time with my son. Having my son has motivated me to work harder and expand my knowledge and skills at work. I want to do more in my career so I can provide for him and his future.”

Nancy George Nancy_Circle
Sr. Principal Regional Marketing Engineer
Mother of two

“I believe working and having the intellectual stimulation is priceless – and showing the kids that as a woman that there is more to mom than just being mom is crucial.”

Maria_Circle Maria Pedroza
Facilities Coordinator
Mother of three

“Anyone working in the tech industry knows that these jobs require long hours and a lot of dedication especially in larger project and events, but one of the benefits is that I’m up to date on new technology, gadgets and what’s going on in this fast-changing world.”

Tiffany Rice Tiffany_Circle
Staff Benefits Analyst
Mother of one, with one on the way

“Life as a whole is definitely a lot more exhausting, but children definitely make you appreciate everything so much more. I want to work hard and be a good example for him. I think knowing that I must be there for him allows me to push past my comfort zone and grow more than I would have without him. The same will be true with his sibling.”


We want to thank all the amazing, problem-solving mothers who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate. Each of these moms are passionate about their jobs and families, and Cypress wouldn’t be what it is today without the contributions of these amazing women.


To all the moms in tech, and around the world, have a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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