Brian Cusson

Senior Director of World-Wide Manufacturing Quality

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Brian Cusson is senior director of world-wide manufacturing quality at Cypress Semiconductor Corp. He has over 27 years in the semiconductor industry working at Sunpower and Cypress in a variety of positions including manufacturing engineering, yield/defect engineering, advanced process control and operations/engineering and quality management. Prior to that, he worked at Harris Semiconductor on radiation-hardened device manufacturing and Advanced Micro Devices on advanced microprocessors. He has authored/co-authored 20 publications covering topics such as defect detection/yield correlations to advanced statistical process control methods, advanced process control and tool fault detection algorithms and methodologies. He has 14 patents/co-patents issued covering topics such as SPC and data screening techniques, adaptive sampling methods, advanced process control and fault detection techniques. He holds a BSEE from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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